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Help & Resources: Cold Weather Survival Tips

Cold Weather Survival Tips

In order to enjoy your ski days to their fullest it’s important to be properly dressed for the elements.  Here are a few cold weather tips…

  1. Dress in LAYERS.  If you normally ski with one or two insulating layers under your jacket, on cold days you should add at least one or two additional layers.  The layers should be synthetic, fleece or wool fabrics.  You might not feel quite as agile wearing so many layers but it’s important to keep your core temperature warm. 
  2. The same principle applies to your lower body.  On cold days add a second pair of long underwear.
  3. Do not wear cotton socks or clothing. 
  4. Wear MITTS instead of gloves.
  5. Use HAND WARMERS and possibly toe warmers (available at all ski shops and most sporting goods stores).  On cold days use your hand warmers before your first run.  Don’t wait until your hands are cold to use the hand warmers.
  6. COVER YOUR FACE and neck.  Wear a neck tube or balaclava.  Scarves are not recommended. Goggles also help to cover exposed skin on cold days.
  7. DRY your boots after every ski day.  Dry your boots with the buckles done up.  Do not leave your boots in your car or your garage.
  8. Bring a second pair of ski socks (ages 13+) and change your socks at lunch if they are damp.

Dress for success!  Clothing suggestions and the importance of "layering"... the key to staying warm. Click here

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